Compiling/Using Ralink RT61

Ben Edwards (lists) lists at
Mon Mar 27 22:29:54 UTC 2006

I have compiled a few kernels (for debian) in my time but never added a
driver that does not ship.  I have a EW-7128G card which seems to use
the Ralink RT61 chipset.  Looking at the ndiswrapper site it says:-

Chipset: Ralink RT61
  * pciid: 1814:0301 and 1814:0302
  * Driver: Don't use driver that ships with card, it didnt work with
    ndiswrapper. Use the close source driver from Ralink It compiles for 2.4 and 2.6 kernels.
  * Other: The rt2x00 Open Source Project
    ( have now a driver - but realy beta.
  * Other: The Ralink driver works great. It is not a plug and play, you
    need your kernel headers, the appropiate gcc (3.4) but when you can
    link it together and put it where it loads at startup, it works
    great. I am using WPA without any problem.

So I guess I should go for the 'Other Ralink' driver here which 'works great' but I dont really know where to start.  Any advide woulds be really appreciated.


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