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Mon Mar 27 20:52:19 UTC 2006

Daniel Carrera Wrote: 
> C Hamel wrote:

> >>Fantastic. Do you think this justifies Arnie from not responding to

> >>security concerns that are raised?

> > 

> > Hm.  I don't remember stating any such thing in my post.  I read it
> again and 

> > it didn't change from the time I sent it.


> I know you didn't say that, nor did I mean to claim that you did. The 

> point I was trying to make is that whether or not you are happy with 

> Automatix has no bearing on the security concerns that have been
> raised.


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I repeat there is no security concern in automatix currently. 

It merely automates installation of packages like java, w32codecs with
the the echo yes command because there are no GPG keys available from
the repositories which they are downloaded and installed from. This is
not definitely not a security concern because it does not pull any
additional packages with itself which might prove to be a potential

All dependencies are taken care of when the echo command is used.

Hence, there ARE NO SECURITY CONCERNS with automatix. 

In the past a few genuine security concerns were raised and those were
addressed in a timely fashion.

This one isnt a security concern by any means.


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