Daniel Carrera daniel.carrera at
Mon Mar 27 09:57:24 UTC 2006

'Forum Post wrote:
>>I have brought up a few already:
>>* echo -e "Y\n"  seems like you and the packager disagree on which 
>>actions are safe.
>>* What happens if the script dies mid-way? Am I stuck with a different
>>* What happens if my grandma uses Automatix and just presses "yes" at 
>>every question? Will she be stuck with a different sources.list?
> I have just one question:
> I have never seen my grandma cuz I was not fortunate enough.. but what
> if she were alive and were installing ubuntu and the ubuntu installer
> crashed while repartitioning her hard drive? what would she be left
> with? any inputs Daniel?

How is this relevant to my questions? I asked simple questions that are 
important for security. Why can't you answer them? Just say "yes, it 
leaves the original sources.list intact" or "no, it changes 
sources.list". Why is that a problem?

> or will she still try and sound the linux
> expert u really could never manage to become?

Is that a personal attack?

    /\/_/   A life? Sounds great!
    \/_/    Do you know where I could download one?

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