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Sun Mar 26 21:54:36 UTC 2006

I dont have time to go over each and every piece of FUD spread by my
ignorant detractors that has already been beaten to death a million
times over.
In short let me summarize
echo -e "y\nY\n" is not harmful if the source script you are using is
trustworthy. If automatix were a 90's virus, then yes this might make
your desktop go up in smoke. In the current case nothing akin to that
imagine while installing a debian package, if u were asked at each and
every step whether a certain file should be placed somewhere. in that
case, it ALSO assumes that it has your implicit permission to do the

Automatix will find information about your computer before installing
anything. For example nvidia cards will not be installed on a machine
which does not have such a card in the first place and all
over-writings are detected. All important files are backed up with date
and time at the end.

yes that link is the piece of childish junk which the authors of Easy
Ubuntu came up with when Automatix started hogging headlines everywhere
because of its overwhelming success.
some of the better known online journals and magazines which have
featured automatix are
pcworld and

go to the following link for more details:


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