Daniel Carrera daniel.carrera at
Sun Mar 26 21:28:17 UTC 2006

'Forum Post wrote:
> though I realize a few regulars in the ubuntu mailing lists have a
> personal thing against me,

Email is a very poor communication medium. It is very easy to take 
something personaly when it wasn't intended like that. It is very rare 
for someone to actually want to go on a vendeta against someone else on 
line (inspite of the fact that flame wars are very common).

> 1) Automatix does not use --force-yes

Does it use 'echo -e "y\nY\n"'? The website says that it used to use 
--force-yes and it now uses 'echo -e "y\nY\n"'

> 2) It gives the user the option to retain his/her sources.list at the
> end.

What happens if it crashes mid-way? What is the default behaviour? If I 
give it to my mom and she just presses "Yes" at everything, what will 

> I dont mind criticism of my work but atleast it should be
> well-informed...

Of course. Is the current criticism well-informed? See here:

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