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albi albi at scii.nl
Sun Mar 26 18:10:52 UTC 2006

Default User wrote:

[about upgrading libc-i686]
> the next day, using FireFox, i went to a very reputable, state
> government sanctioned website, as i do several times each week. this
> time something was different. from the website home page, now any time i
> click on a link to the other pages in the website that end in ".asp",
> Firefox instantly crashes and disappears, without warning or
> explanation.  this never happened before the previously mentioned
> upgrade.  
> fwiw, this problem does not occur when accessing the website in Amaya.  
> now, i don't know that this was caused by the glibc upgrade, but i can't
> think of anything else offhand that could have caused it.  

one of my fileservers running (a minimal) ubuntu breezy has libc and
libc-i686 packages too, so that's not unusual

i suggest you create a new user in firefox, starting firefox with :
mozilla-firefox -ProfileManager

and see whether that new firefox-user has the same problems with that
specific website

grtjs, albi
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