Moving icons on panels

Karl Auer kauer at
Sun Mar 26 14:55:13 UTC 2006

This might be a Gnome question, but anyway:

How can I move icons/applest about on the task panel? The "Move" option
is greyed out on most of them. I'm not sure, but these seem to be the
launchers I dragged out of the application menu and applets from the
"add to panel" dialog. Launchers I created myself and dragged onto the
panel have an active "Move" option, but it's only half-usable.

I say half-usable, because once moved to the right-hand end of row, they
can't be moved back; the remaining icons/applets bunch up and won't let
the moved item back in, so to speak.

If I turn off "expand" in the panel properties, the icons bunch up;
turning "expand" back on doesn't unbunch them.

It's only an annoyance, but it's a very annoying annoyance. Have I
missed some config option here?

Regards, K.

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