Java compatibility? (was Re: Not a bash, just the facts)

Glenn Holmer gholmer at
Sun Mar 26 14:17:02 UTC 2006

On Sunday 26 March 2006 02:44, Matthew R. Dempsky wrote:
> The folks running the event made repeated efforts at expressing the
> importance that the participants correctly specify which version of
> Java they used, and there were numerous questions about which
> versions were available and how to select the JVM used by Eclipse.
> Explain why they would make such a big fuss if they were all
> compatible.

The only reason you run into compatibility issues is if you try to use 
newer language features (e.g. generics and enums in Java 5) but don't 
have the version that supports them.  That sort of thing is true for 
every language and operating system ever thought of.

> > One of Java's selling points is compatibility.
> And one of Windows' is security:
> It doesn't mean anything.  It's just marketing bullshit.

No, it's not.  I have Java programs at work where I build them on my PC 
and then copy the binaries to an AS/400, and they run just fine.  Same 
goes for GUI programs; Linux and Windows machines load the binaries 
from the same server, and there's never a problem. (And believe me, 
they use every bell and whistle in the book.)

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