Setting up a icecast uplink

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Sun Mar 26 10:53:50 UTC 2006

If you want to stream to shoutcast and not icecast and also want your
id3 tags to be displayed,

all what has been described here just does not work or is too
complicated. So here is what I did:


  sudo apt-get install xmms xmms-dev libgtk1.2-dev g++ lame liblame-dev


maybe beeded too, no idea because that I did for other tests. So first
try without, skipping the following line


  sudo apt-get install libxt-dev libgtk2.0-dev libvorbis-dev libasound2-dev 


now install liveice for shoutcast



  tar xvzf LiveicePatched-1.0.0.tar.gz 

  cd LiveIcePatched-1.0.0/



  sudo make install


then start xmms:




- go to preferences menu (ctrl-P)

- click on tab "effects plugins"

  - select liveice

  - click on enable plugin

  - click configure


- you gat a huge window, on my screen it was higher than the monitor
  in that case Use alt+mouse to move the window.


  You can stream to 4 servers at once (4 tabs at he top)

- Don't forget to click on enable

- configure your settings.

- In the field "Executable name:" write /usr/bin/lame


- For shoutcast use serverport 8001 if it is in fact located on port

- Click on "Enable Title Data"

- for shoutcast don't click on X-Audiocast


- Click OK


Now play any mp3 and it will get send to the shoutcast server.

Mind that this setting will be saved, so next time you play anything
with xmms, it will get streamed by default!

This was for me the easiest way, despite needing to install the
development environment the compilation was straight away and all the
rest is just point and click.

If this has been helpful for anyone, please tell me.



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