[SOLVED] blue box on crt for xine

Jaime Davila jdavila at hampshire.edu
Sun Mar 26 03:14:27 UTC 2006

Michael R. Head wrote:
> On Sat, 2006-03-18 at 18:23 -0500, Jaime Davila wrote:
>>More answers to my own questions:
>>>New problem: stuff that uses Xv is not showing up on the crt. Like, for 
>>>example, the movie image part of xine. I just get a blue screen. That's 
>>>true when using i855crt, or even when using the regular fn-f7 to send 
>>>the output to only the crt. The tar ball for i855crt has a patch that is 
>>>supposed to be applied to i830_video.c . I rather not get into that, if 
>>>I can avoid it. Anyone knows of a way for me to avoid it? If not, can 
>>>anyone offer some instructions about how to compile the file once I've 
>>>patched it?
>>It's the (surprise, surprise) Xv driver. Running xine with the XShm 
>>driver instead solves the problem (like: xine  -V XShm <file>) . I hear 
>>Xv is faster, but I couldn't verify that.
> On my T30 (which uses a radeon 7500 chip), I found that there was an
> option that could be set in /etc/X11/xorg.conf that allowed me to enable
> the hardware overlay on the external CRT. I think it was called
> "OverlayOnCRT2" or "OverlayOnCRTC2" perhaps your driver has a similar
> option?

It does have that option, but for some reason it didn't get the problem 


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