Restricted formats and legality

tom sett at
Sun Mar 26 01:36:04 UTC 2006

On Fri, 2006-03-24 at 09:23 -0500, Sarunas Burdulis wrote:

> <SNIP>

> workstations. It's important to know then which players and/or codecs
> can be installed in Ubuntu (if this distro is chosen and this would be
> my preference); or should some RH/SuSE/etc. commercial distro is to be
> purchased (supposedly they already paid for whatever licenses and
> patents involved).
> Sarunas

There are (at least) two kinds of 'non-free' packages .... those that
cost nothing but have inconvenient means of installation eg Flash and
Java .... there is not much one can realistically do about those and
its not such a big deal to instal ..


Those that attract a fee eg DVD, MP3 and at present there seem only two
ways to comply .... either illegally in many jurisdiction, or to simply
not use Ubuntu at all but rather purchase another distro that legally
includes them and the cost is embodied in the purchase price.

For me the latter alternatives are very UNATTRACTIVE as i like Ubuntu to
the exclusion of other distros ...

SO ....

what i would like to see is an ability to BUY the right to use these non
free items with Ubuntu and along with that a simple installation means.

Surely there is a commercial opportunity here for someone ...??? 

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