I do not get sound at all after installing Linux on an i Mac.

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Subject: I do not get sound at all after installing Linux on a i Mac. 
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  What can I do. Iam a new user to Linux !

I don't have an imac, but maybe this will help

On my one ppc install  (ibook) I didn't get any sound at all, and still don't until I plug something into the earphone jack and then remove it.

I am guessing the hardware defaults to earphone until a switch in the jack tells the machine to go to the speakers, Not sure, I didn't take the ibook apart and don't have a schematic. Maybe the imac is similiar?

next: All ubuntu installs I've done have had sound muted initially.
Unmuting thi icon in the system tray didn't always work. I have had to mess with the mixer settings to get it to work,

On a couple of machines albeit not ppc I have had to move a slider on the mixer to get sound to start after every reboot, FWIW this was not unique to Ubuntu, the machines did the same thing when I used Fedora Core.


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