[Dapper] Who decided to hose wpasupplicant?

Daniel Robitaille robitaille at gmail.com
Sat Mar 25 19:12:04 UTC 2006

> Am I being unreasonable here?

Dapper is more than 2 months away from its release which is a very
long time in this business.  Things will break between now and then
since they are dozen of updates applied on a daily basis.

I run Dapper, but not in a production environment, with Breezy
available in a 2nd partition in case of emergency, and every day new
packages are downloaded  I know that there is a non-zero risk that
something will break.   And in addition, I rebuild from scratch this
installation everytime there is a new Flight CD available to clean up
the configuration of both the machine and my user account.

The point of having Dapper available for anyone at this point in time
is not to provide anyone a stable environment that doesn't break
between dist-upgrades, it is to provide a testing ground to fish the
bugs out of the distro.  Expectations are that a breezy-to-Dapper
upgrade shouldn't break; daily Dapper-to-Dapper upgrades don't carry
that promise from the Ubuntu people, and from past experience breakage

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