bcm43xx finally working!

Roger Freitas Lovato rogerlovato at gmail.com
Sat Mar 25 15:47:42 UTC 2006


I'm using Dapper 5 with this version kernel:

Linux hp 2.6.15-19-386 #1 PREEMPT Mon Mar 20 16:46:02 UTC 2006 i686

$ ls /lib/firmware
2.6.15-18-386  2.6.15-19-386

$ ls /lib/firmware/`uname -r`
acx                          atmel_at76c503-i3863.bin           
atmel_at76c505-rfmd.bin  bcm43xx_initval08.fw   ipw2100-1.3-p.fw    
atmel_at76c502_3com.bin      atmel_at76c503-rfmd-0.90.2-140.bin 
atmel_at76c506.bin       bcm43xx_initval09.fw   ipw2200-bss.fw      
atmel_at76c502_3com-wpa.bin  atmel_at76c503-rfmd-acc.bin        
atmel_at76c506-wpa.bin   bcm43xx_initval10.fw   ipw2200-ibss.fw     
atmel_at76c502.bin           atmel_at76c503-rfmd.bin            
bcm43xx_initval01.fw     bcm43xx_microcode2.fw  ipw2200-sniffer.fw  
atmel_at76c502d.bin          atmel_at76c504_2958-wpa.bin        
bcm43xx_initval02.fw     bcm43xx_microcode4.fw  isl3890             
atmel_at76c502d-wpa.bin      atmel_at76c504a_2958-wpa.bin       
bcm43xx_initval03.fw     bcm43xx_microcode5.fw  zd1211b-WS11Ub.fw
atmel_at76c502e.bin          atmel_at76c504.bin                 
bcm43xx_initval04.fw     bcm43xx_pcm4.fw        zd1211b-WS11UPh.fw
atmel_at76c502e-wpa.bin      atmel_at76c504c-wpa.bin            
bcm43xx_initval05.fw     bcm43xx_pcm5.fw        zd1211b-WS11UPhm.fw
atmel_at76c502-wpa.bin       atmel_at76c505a-rfmd2958.bin       
bcm43xx_initval06.fw     ipw2100-1.3.fw         zd1211b-WS11UPhR.fw
atmel_at76c503-i3861.bin     atmel_at76c505-rfmd2958.bin        
bcm43xx_initval07.fw     ipw2100-1.3-i.fw       zd1211b-WS11Ur.fw


> I know where the drivers extracted to. What I don't get is the part
> where the poster says to copy the *.fw files to "/lib/firmware/xxxxx/" 
> First of all, whats the point of doing this. Second, there is no
> "firmware" directory to begin with in the /lib/ folder so that whole
> line of instruction is useless.  I think there are some serious leaps
> of logic in this "how to".

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