Stability problems.

Jhair Tocancipa Triana jhair.tocancipa at
Sat Mar 25 12:59:27 UTC 2006

Daniel Carrera writes:

> I'm running Breezy and the update was earlier this week. At some
> points the app will freeze. If you cover it with a window and then
> move the window the app doesn't repaint. So my first thought is a GTK
> problem. But the freeze is not random. Firefox freezes when loading a
> site (not any one site in particular). gFTP freezes when connecting to
> a particular FTPsite. Gaim freezes when connecting to Freenode.

> Another hypothesis is that these apps share the libraries for
> connecting to the internet (do they?).

> Whatever it is, I'm confident that it is something common to all the
> apps (ie. a library) which got updated earlier this week. My system
> has been stable (okay, Firefox was never spectacular) but suddenly
> it's gone haywire. It's worse than Windows!

> Can anyone help me out?

> Is there a way to find out what packages I've updated this past week?
> That would provide more clues.

You can check the /var/log/dpkg.log files to find out the history of
your updates.

This week the C library (libc6 package) was upgraded. This package is
shared by virtually all programs on your system. I really doubt your
problems have to do with that update though.

Could you try from an xterm:

strace gaim &> gaim.log

and then try to reproduce the freeze? After gaim freezes you can check
the gaim.log file to see which libraries or files gaim is trying to
access at that point.



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