Not a bash, just the facts

Nik nik at
Sat Mar 25 09:41:02 UTC 2006

In article <d0b697650603211645n64eb4ca6k226a4e608e8d31dc at>,
   Scott <sdamron at> wrote:
> Hello there fine Ubuntu folks!!

> I just had some stuff I wanted to say about Ubuntu.

> I have been running it for about 6 months, it works, but required a
> LOT of tweaking, manual installation of things that just kinda feel
> like they should come with an OS.  I wiped out my Ubuntu partion
> today, and loaded SuSE.  It works out of the box, so to say, and runs
> DVD's, has everything you want, and absolutely NO crazy setup stuff,
> or convaluted you can install this, but, type of things.  If you want
> it, it works.

I've just noticed this...
This is 100% not true, I don't know why Scott wan't to spread such tosh,
but here are the facts:
SuSE (10.0) comes with NO support for encrypted DVDs, and the only app that
can play mp3s is RealPlayer.
It is possible to add support for these, but it does in no way work out of
the box.



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