Creating PDF with gnome-cups-manager doesn't work

Gerhard Gaußling ggrubbish at
Sat Mar 25 09:15:04 UTC 2006

Am Samstag, 25. März 2006 09:37 schrieb Nik:
> Look in your home directory for a file along the line of
> 'job_36-untitled_document/pdf'.

I'll try that again without the changed lines "RunAsUser No" in 
cupsd.conf and without world writeaccess 
for /var/spool/cups-pdf/SPOOL , which works now for me.

I'll switch back to "RunAsUser Yes" and groop writable SPOOL to enhance 
security again. It could work, because I found such a 
"job_[0-9]-untitled_document.pdf in my home directory.

Isn't there a possibility to get a "save as" dialog? It's odd to save 
the PDF documents "randomly". 



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