Fridge: MEPIS Founder Plans Transition To Ubuntu

Eric Dunbar eric.dunbar at
Sat Mar 25 01:12:10 UTC 2006

MEPIS LLC, a longtime Debian Linux distributor, is switching from
Debian to Ubuntu as the basis for its SimplyMEPIS Linux distribution.

It seems MEPIS founder Warren Woodford has decided that MEPIS will do
better for its users by depending upon Ubuntu, rather than Debian, for
its foundation. Ubuntu has a six-month stable release cycle that will
enable MEPIS to offer its customers a dependable release schedule,
Woodford explained.

"The switch to the Ubuntu pools was made to provide our users with a
more stable underlying system. Of course it's important for our users
that MEPIS remains true to its unique vision. I believe this release
demonstrates that we can combine the magic of the MEPIS user
experience with the goodness of the Ubuntu Foundation."


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