switching from desktop to server

Clive Menzies clive at clivemenzies.co.uk
Fri Mar 24 15:44:03 UTC 2006

On (24/03/06 09:27), Todd Slater wrote:
> Is there a fairly easy way of switching from a desktop install to a
> server install after the fact? I'd just as soon remove all of the
> gnome desktop stuff so I don't have to update it when I do updates.

In aptitude there is an option 'M' which will remove all automatically
installed packages which will strip out lots of packages but be careful
that it doesn't uninstall anything essential.

Alternatively, you can do something like:

# aptitude purge gdm x-window-sytem-core

which should remove most gui related packages.

Then do something like:

$ dpkg -l | grep gnome

and see what's left.  You can then purge those packages it finds.

I also use deborphan to remove unwanted packages:

$ deborphan       # will show you unwanted lib packages
$ deborphan -ap5	# will show the least important packages (4,
more important etc.)



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