Laptop problem

Carson Wilcox carson.wilcox at
Fri Mar 24 14:30:18 UTC 2006

Did you go into network administration and configure
and activate the wireless card. 
I added a PCMCIA wireless card to my old laptop a few
days ago and had no problems with it.

I'm not sure if all wireless cards will work or not. I
had posted on here asking for a suggestion and someone
pointed me to a Zonet card and that one worked fine.

--- mitch mcneil <mitspooner at> wrote:

> When I installed, I had a CAT5 plugged in, my
> DWL-G630 wireless card in my 
> other laptop. I obviously have net access and this
> is only due to the 
> landline. I have inserted the wireless card and
> rebooted and get no response 
> from it.
> Do you have any suggestions? Would this have been a
> non-issue had I had the 
> wifi in during install?
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