Printer rename on Gnome in Breezy

Clive Menzies clive at
Fri Mar 24 13:12:50 UTC 2006

On (23/03/06 14:05), Richard Mancusi wrote:
> I strongly advise the "Cups Software Administrators Manual"
> or
> or even better, google for it and you will find a pdf that
> you can download.
> Because of the previously stated "bug" I setup my printers
> using the browser interface to obtain my selected names.
> However, I have not used it since.  Once properly setup with
> the browser, you may then use "gnome-cups-manager" to
> administer your printers and "pt" (found in: System Tools/Print
> Jobs (CUPS)) to manage your queues.

Yes, I printed the whole thing out some time back and have always used
the webrowser to add and managed printers.  It is only the warning in
Ubuntu which rather threw me.



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