Removing usplash while using vesafb console (dapper)

Luis M lemsx1 at
Fri Mar 24 11:40:50 UTC 2006

On 3/23/06, Constantine Evans <cevans at> wrote:
> I am trying to disable usplash on my dapper system. Removing the splash
> boot option works fine when I am using a normal console, but when I try
> to use a vesafb console (vga=791), nothing ever appears on the
> framebuffer. The system boots into X, but the framebuffer remains blank.
> Since usplash is supposed to be in userspace, is there some way to fix
> this without having to compile a custom kernel?
> Constantine

I believe what you need to do is remove the hooks/scripts from
initramfs share folder and run:
update-initramfs -u

In short, removing usplash would remove the initramfs scripts, but you
might still need to run update-initramfs to re-create the initrd (the
hooks look for vga= in /proc/cmdline and attempt to set the
framebuffer for you with vga16fb and so on).

You might also want to remove vga16fb from your kernel module's
directory ;-) What you need loaded is vesafb (which should be
compiled-in for 2.6.12 and up kernels) and fbcon, which gives you the
text you want to see.

[shamelessplug] you might also want to read about Splashy, which
provides the same functionality that usplash does, but wastes more
hard disk space in exchange for a more complete -- aka nicer -- boot
splash loader [/shamelessplug]

p.s. i'm the main developer for Splashy. Splashy is developed mainly
on debian-based systems (Dapper being my favorite).

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