Didn't really mean to install Dapper, but now I have it. Should I keep it?

Tristan Wibberley maihem at maihem.org
Fri Mar 24 01:13:29 UTC 2006

Dave M G wrote:
> Ubuntu Users,
> While I was having trouble installing drivers for my video card on a new 
> install of Ubuntu, someone suggested that the new Dapper release my have 
> the proper support for my hardware.
> Since it was a new machine, and no data was at risk or anything, I 
> thought I'd go for it.
> It turned out later that my video card was not working for entirely 
> different reasons.
> So now I have the Dapper Drake version of Ubuntu on my computer, and it 
> seems to work fine.
> But, I do understand that this is an alpha release. And although the 
> final release is supposed to be out soon, I'm wondering if it's safe 
> enough to just leave Dapper on and upgrade when it becomes final.
> Is there any reason I should be concerned about running Dapper as is for 
> the time being?

I have been using it for ages, I've had a few little blips, but no 
dataloss other than unsaved data+crash. It is now pretty stable, IMHO.

If you *do* find any problems, please mosey on down to launchpad.net and 
report a bug. Dapper *needs* testers, so it would be great if you could 
keep on using it.

Tristan Wibberley

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