Ati Radeon graphics card support

GyroTech gyrotech at
Thu Mar 23 22:09:14 UTC 2006

Dennis Kaarsemaker wrote:
> On do, 2006-03-23 at 21:29 +0100, pyrenaien at wrote:
> but the upcoming Ubuntu Dapper release includes out of the 
> box support for it.

Yeah, except that it doesn't actually work...
Try as hard as I might, it just destroys the display of my HP NX7010, 
completely grays it out and renders it unable to even switch to a 
console. Thankfully saved by pulling out the battery to kill the system.

Oddly enough, the fglrx driver worked quite happily (with a bit of work) 
back on Breezy, it was the lure of XGL that got me trying out Dapper so 
early but I have tried every one of the steps on the wiki, forums, and 
regular sites to get it working, each ending up in the same problem place.

Hopefully, it will be happier once Dapper gets out of Flight.


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