Printer rename on Gnome in Breezy

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Thu Mar 23 16:51:21 UTC 2006

pjstadig Wrote: 
> It is interesting you say this is a bug and that the printer name cannot
> be change, because somehow I figured out how to change the names. I
> think I went into the /etc directory somewhere and renamed some files
> and grepped some configs. My printers are now renamed (ex post facto),
> and they still seem to work.


> Maybe I dorked something, but I haven't dealt with any consequences
> just yet. However, the best thing would be to allow the user to select
> a name when the printer is created. In fact, I thought the UI did
> "allow" such a thing, but that it just ignored whatever you entered and
> named the new printer "PostScript-1" or something, but I may be a little
> fuzzy on this.

The printer name is used as an identifier. gnome-cups-manager does not
modifies printers.conf directly but ask the cups server to do changes,
and this way the name cannot be altered.

I've created two patched packages for gnome-cups-manager and
libgnomecups with the patch I've submitted to Bug #8023

When you'll install a new printer you can chose the name you want. For
already installed printers the location and description entry boxes in
printer properties will work as expected (changes are kept).


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