Perl Scripts Problem

Johnny Gonzalez johnnygonzalezl at
Thu Mar 23 11:16:19 UTC 2006

Hello everybody,

I have Ubuntu 5.10 and I need to setup apache, mod_ssl
and perl in the same box for a software (OpenCA) I
need to install. so I have configured my apache, with
mod_ssl successfully, I guess,  When I try to connect
to: https://localhost

I get the window that asks me to accept the server's
certificate, so I guess mod_ssl is working properly,
The problem is when I try to open the main page in
OpenCA through the browser. OpenCA has been built in
perl, so its main page opens a cgi script, but When I
access the main page with:


in the browser appears the content of the script, but
it is not executed, What should I do to correct this

I copied all OpenCA scripts to /usr/lib/cgi-bin

Thanks a lot,


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