Dapper flight 5 issues

Santanu Chatterjee thisissantanu at gmail.com
Thu Mar 23 06:11:48 UTC 2006

Hi Everybody,

I installed dapper flight 5 yesterday. There were of course
some minor glitches (eg. saying '0s remaining' when hundreds
of packages were still remaining to be installed).

However, the most important thing for me was, I found that it
now installs all the packages from the CD at one go, instead
of rebooting like in breezy. Is it going to be the same in the
final version? This is going to be a problem in my case. It so
happened that while trying to install dapper, during the package
installation phase (after the base system was installed), my
computer somehow got overheated and shut down ( I have no idea
why this happens, neither do the guys at the computer repair shop.
The smps, fan, and the processor seems to be ok). The next time
I had to start from scratch again, although the base system had
been installed. This time too, the same thing happened. I succeded
only in my third attempt.

The point is, I think if things are to be installed at one go, there
should be some kind of state information saved so that in situations
like in my case, the installation should continue from where it got
terminated (or better, provide this facility as an option).
What do you think?

Anyway, after everything finally got installed, the new GNOME
was absolutely fantastic. I especially liked the deskbar applet.
Finally, the default theme rocks as far as I am concerned.

However, evince crashed everytime I dragged my mouse over a
displayed PDF page. If others have faced the same thing, I can
submit a bug report (at ubuntu or evince bugzilla?).

After this frustrating installation phase, I was not exactly very
happy. But the mdzzzzzz.ogg video in the Examples folder of
my Home directory made me realize that the developers are
human after all, and they are working really hard to bring us this
excellent Ubuntu distribution. Also, the wallpapers were cool.

So, thank you, Ubuntu developers. Great job with dapper. Just
a bit of polish and some bug fixes will make this the best distro
I have ever used.


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