software raid

Phillip Susi psusi at
Wed Mar 22 18:30:27 UTC 2006

David Woyciesjes wrote:
> md0 - raid1 17GB / partition - hda1, hdc1
> md1 - raid5 80GB /home partition - hda2, hdb1, hdc2
> md2 - raid 1 3GB(?) swap partition - hda3, hdc3

Placing swap on a raid1 is kind of silly.  Swap space by definition is 
temporary so there is no need for the security raid1 provides.  It is 
better to use raid0 or just two plain swap partitions so the data will 
be interleaved between the drives which will provide greater speed. 

>     First, I yanked both drives on the primary channel. Got a grub 
> error 15. First, I need to research what that means, and second, I 
> need figure out the right way to put lilo on to replace grub.

Sounds like grub isn't installed on hdc properly.  Fire up the grub 
shell and run the setup (hd2) command to install grub to hdc.  As for 
installing lilo, don't -- grub is way better. 

>     According to the LVMOnRaid wiki page, lilo should've been 
> automatically installed, but it wasn't. Maybe something to do with the 
> Edubuntu installer vs. the Breezy installer. Probably would've caught 
> this if I did an expert install.
>     Then I yanked the secondary IDE channel. Edubuntu booted up fine 
> without hdc there.
>     Hmm, after just a little Google time, I found this page...
> (also -
> ...which just might be the answer I need about the grub error 15.

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