apt-get holds back updates

Michael V. De Palatis mdepalatis at mail.utexas.edu
Wed Mar 22 14:23:16 UTC 2006

On Wed, Mar 22, 2006 at 09:04:05AM -0500, Olaf Stein wrote:
> Hi List
> I have a weird issue, but maybe there is is an explanation
> when updating my system with
> > apt-get update
> > apt-get upgrade
> the pakets 
> linux-image-386 linux-restricted-modules-386
> are kept back. All others are installed/upgraded though.
> Why is that and how can I have them installed??

I don't know offhand why certain things are held back (there's a
reason, I'm just not aware of the specifics), but if you want to
install it, you can either do 'apt-get install <package>' or do a

Also, if you use a package manager like aptitude (my favorite),
synaptic, or adept, you should be able to just point and click to
get things reinstalled.


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