software raid

Carl Karsten carl at
Tue Mar 21 23:48:51 UTC 2006

I have been messing around with software raid1 - mirroring 2 drives - including 
the boot sectors. The goal is to be able to remove either drive and still have a 
functioning system.

I realize that this is "not supported" given that "Add support for software 
RAID." is on the but I have heard it can be done 
with some trickery: install grub on both drives and rely on the fact that 
/dev/hda1 and /dev/hda2 and /dev/md0 are all "the same thing" as long as md0 is 
the only one that gets written to.

But I did run into one problem:  if you have ide master and slave, and you pull 
the master, the slave dissapears and the box/bios won't see it so it won't boot 
from it.  so I am guessing I have to make each drive the master on a seperate 
ide bus so that pulling one won't take out the other.

Before I spend too much time trying to make this work, anyone know of a HowTo 
that outlines this?


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