can't export from kino

Duncan Lithgow dlithgow at
Tue Mar 21 11:11:56 UTC 2006

I can't get anything to export from kino, does the shell output below tell
you what's wrong?

attempting to export video as generic mpeg with all defaults:
>>> Export::start()
>> Export::activate()
>>> ExportMJPEG::startExport
>>> Generated video pipe 'yuvdenoise -F -f | mpeg2enc -v 0 -f 0 -I 0 -n p -a
2 -o 'test'.mpv'
>>> Generated audio pipe '|mp2enc -v 0  -o 'test'.mp2'
sh: mp2enc: command not found
sh: yuvdenoise: command not found
sh: mpeg2enc: command not found
>>> Executing 'mplex -v 0 -f 0 -o 'test'.mpeg 'test'.mpv 'test'.mp2'
sh: mplex: command not found
>> Kino Common newFile
>> Leaving Export
>>> Export::clean()
I can't find anywhere in the repositories packages with those names.
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