Temperature in Notebook Compaq V2415LA

Loïc Corbasson loic.corbasson at gmail.com
Mon Mar 20 13:47:43 UTC 2006

Am Montag 20 März 2006 06:56 schrieb Juan Pablo Herrera:
> Hi All!
> I installed a Ubuntu Breezy in a notebook Compaq V2415LA. Before
> making the first upgrade, everything worked OK.
> After with the 2.6.12-10 kernel version, my notebook is turned off
> after the some minutes.
> How can I solve it?
> Regards,
> JP

I had the same problem for a while, because of a too high temperature (95°C in 
the logs!) in the CPU. My problem was not Ubuntu-related, I think there is a 
cooling problem somewhere in my PC: using e.g. Windows or a DOS diskette 
doesn't change anything.
The only solution I found was to turn CPUfreq on (the cpu frequency scaling 
feature in the kernel) to limit the processing power of my laptop (1,33GHz in 
place of 1,8GHz).
According to bids at MercadoLibre your laptop has an AMD Semprom 3000+, so the 
following commands should work (open a terminal):

 $ sudo modprobe powernow-k8 cpufreq_userspace freq_table
(...type your password)

  cd /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq

 $ ls

You should see such an output:
affected_cpus     scaling_available_frequencies  scaling_governor
cpuinfo_cur_freq  scaling_available_governors    scaling_max_freq
cpuinfo_max_freq  scaling_cur_freq               scaling_min_freq
cpuinfo_min_freq  scaling_driver                 scaling_setspeed

Now, change the frequency by using these commands:
 $ sudo sh
 # echo $(cat scaling_min_freq) > scaling_max_freq
 # exit

Your processor should now run with the smallest speed available. See if your 
computer still turns off, else you can gradually increase the frequency by 
replacing $(cat scaling_min_freq) in the previous lines by the numbers output 
by the following command:

 $ cat scaling_available_frequencies

Good luck!


PS: Another solution (if you're not afraid of the noise!) is to use a vacuum 
cleaner to enhance the cooling: put the hole near a big cooling hole of your 
PC and enjoy :)  (really useful when using an outdated OS like Windows XP, or 
when installing Ubuntu via an unmodified CD, where afaik you don't have the 
cpufreq features available).

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