cant get my modem to dial out

squareyes squareyes at
Mon Mar 20 06:25:00 UTC 2006

CJ Kelley wrote:

> I reciently got my modem set up under ubuntu and so far, it seems to 
> be working properly. Ubuntu has detected and setup the drivers for my 
> modem. I got the modem activated and it still seems to be running 
> good. now all i need to do is just to get it connected to the net, but 
> i couldnt find a daemon that would connect my modem to the internet. i 
> know very little linux commands, so i will need alot of help with 
> getting my modem connected. I have all my user name and password setup.
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Hi CJ,
open a terminal, and type pppconfig
set up your internet connection there, it will try to find your modem,
if it doesn't find it you will have to enter the port yourself, and when 
type at command line   pon (and whatever you put in the configure as 
your isp.
and press enter to disconnect type poff. If you didn't put anything 
where it asks for your isp,
just type "pon" (without the quotes) and press enter.
e.g. I type to connect   pon internode
Hope this helps
Take Care

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