ubuntu breezy/ firefox + quicktime support

Adam Lafayette atomlbomb at yahoo.com
Sun Mar 19 23:33:22 UTC 2006

I went to firefox > edit > preferences > downloads
nothing there under files types.  When I click on
plugins in the bottom right corner it brings up a list
of extension and file types with programs.  The only
option seems to disable or enable the file type and it
doesn't say which program is associtated with the file
type.  Make me think I need to find some config file
for firefox or something.  Also I looked a little
closer when trying to play a trailer through
quicktime.com and its totem gstreamer trying to play
the trailers.  I don't care which tries to play it as
long as I can get it working.

Also change action is grayed out so I can't put new
things in there.

--- Jaime Davila <jdavila at hampshire.edu> wrote:

> Go to firefox, edit, preferences, downloads, and at
> the bottom of that 
> window, find the type of file you want to open with
> mplayer. If it's 
> configured to be opened with totem, click on it and
> then click on 
> "change action."
> Adam Lafayette wrote:
> > Here's another problem. With mozilla-mplayer
> installed
> > totem still wants to rule.  I'm trying to find how
> to
> > get mplayer to play files as default instead of
> totem.
> > 

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