Installing Ubuntu remotely?

Christian christian08 at
Sun Mar 19 16:34:40 UTC 2006

Hi Thomas,
Many thanks for the link!
However, I don't have any Linux operating system installed on that machine 
previously. From what I have read somewhere is that you can put the 
installation CD/DVD into the drive, wait for the installer to boot and then 
type a command that will get an IP address from the local network and then 
you can connect to that IP from another computer through telnet and once the 
connection is established the installation process will begin. Its not 
secure, but is that possible?
All the best and thanks,
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> Christian wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I have just joined this list and I am new to Ubuntu as well.
>> Is it possible to install Ubuntu over a network?
>> All the best and thanks,
>> Christian
> Hello Christian
> This guide 
> is for 
> a debian remote installation, but it should work for Ubuntu too (Ubuntu is 
> Debian based).
> Hope this helps, Thomas
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