ubuntu breezy/ firefox + quicktime support

Jaime Davila jdavila at hampshire.edu
Sun Mar 19 13:44:03 UTC 2006

There's also a firefox plugin for mplayer, so you get to view movies 
embedded into a firefox window, without saving the file. You can then 
stop and start the player, or save the file, if you want.
Try installing mozilla-mplayer

Philip Axer wrote:
> Hi,
> try to download the files and open them with mplayer (found in 
> universe). That's how I watch rocketboom and stuff...
> I know that isn't very "plug 'n play" but it works for me very well.
> Another point you could try is to use the vlc mozilla plugin which gives 
> me good results sometimes too.
> Philip


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