Sharing file systems

Duncan Anderson duncangareth at
Sun Mar 19 13:32:12 UTC 2006

On Sunday, 19 March 2006 14:18, Sumeet Pal Singh wrote:
> HI
> I have ubuntu 5.10 on my system and using FC3 since it was released. I
> tried to install FC4 on my system by sharing the swap and /home partition
> between FC4 and ubuntu. The installation went well. I did not install KDE
> in FC4. I was well aware of permission screw ups that this could lead to,
> hence I did not create any user (The UID and GID of root is preserved
> across Linux distros)
> I booted in as root and created a new user with UID and GID same as on
> ubuntu.
> Now I booted in GNOME and it was completely configured!!!! Moreover gaim
> started and signed me in to all my accounts!!! This was first time login...
> My question is that can is sharing /home okay for a long run or will it
> lead to problems.
> Also can other file systems like /usr be shared along with this and if it
> can be  then under what restrictions??
> If any one has done this please let me know.

Sharing /home can be done without too many complications, but I would not 
share /usr. /usr/local would be OK as well. I have a shared /home partition 
on my laptop, with Ubuntu and Mandriva root partitions. It is possible that 
certain issues may arise with different versions of KDE and Gnome and the 
like, but in my case there are no issues, because I use WindowMaker on 
Mandriva and the default on Ubuntu (In this case, KDE, since it happens to be 
Kubuntu that I used to install the partition.)


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