Configuring RAID1 after install

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Sun Mar 19 02:12:41 UTC 2006

On Sat, Mar 18, 2006 at 04:44:35PM -0600, John Lyon wrote:
> On 3/18/06 4:00 PM, "Ewan Mac Mahon" <ewan at> either wrote,
> forwarded or quoted:
> > OK; presumably you've got one disk at the moment, and you're planning to
> > add a second to create the mirror? 
> This is exactly my situation. The boot disk has two partitions, '/' and a
> swap.
> Shouldn't I create the partitions on the second disk I'm adding to be
> exactly like the partitions on the current boot disk?
In practice probably, but not necessarily. It is, of course, important
that the partitions on each disk that go into the RAID are the same, but
you don't actually have to use the existing partitions. Let's say you
wanted to divide things up so you had swap, / and /home on separate
partitions - you could create the partitions on the new disk the way you
want them, copy the data over, restart, remove the old partitions from
from the original disk, and then create a copy of the new layout on it
to put the RAID on.

That's entirely optional though, if you're happy with your current
layout, keep it.

Oh, and note that it's probably not worth RAIDing the swap, and if you
did want to do that it may require some additional fiddling around.

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