PLF Repo Problem

Christopher Nelson chris at
Sat Mar 18 21:59:45 UTC 2006

On 2006-03-18, C Hamel <yogich at> wrote:
> This won't work on Dapper, I take it.  All I got were 'Cannot open file' 
> errors.  Just because I am using Dapper I have to apparently refrain from 
> using Realplayer (for now) and cannot have access to w32codecs or 
> libdvdcss2. :-\

People will probably yell at me for this, but I've found the versions in
Marillat's debian repo to work under Dapper.  But there's always the
warning about mixing repos, debian v. ubuntu packaging, and third-party
software that I'm sure you know by heart by now.  At any rate, a google
search on marillat should bring up the site and a couple mirrors.

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