Internet Connection.

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Hi Tod, 

Well I would use Ethernet is I could but the computer that it is installed on does ot yet have a card. I do have an install CD from my ISP but it will not run the .exe file from it for the drivers needed. 


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    Internet Connection.


    I have just tried to connect to the internet on one of my computers but it
    will not connect.

    I am trying to use a USB ASDL connection but when I open FireFox it tell me
    it cannot find any sites when I type them into the URL box.

    Would this mean I have to add new setting or change setting s?


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  Hi Daniel!

  If it were me and the choice was simple I would choose ethernet or wireless rather than USB to connect a DSL modem.  Using wireless, you may do well to purchase a USB wireless card.

  Close as I have gotten to the issue I think you need to do a bit of module installation.  See:

  Within that possibly


  But as I read on (OK I am using Google as I go) this points to the kind of thing that I think you need:  (from:     -- which looks to be a fair tutorial)

  With the modem there is probably a CD and on that CD will be instructions.  The USB drivers for your specific modem may not exist in the Linux world yet.

  What are you using for a modem - that would help.  What other computers are involved and why do you want or need to use the USB port for the internet connection?

  On we go.



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