troubled installations

Avraham Hanadari hanadari at
Fri Mar 17 12:01:19 UTC 2006

Dear Friends,

I have tried to install Ubuntu or Kubuntu twice. Unfortunately both
times there was such a catastrophic result that I had to reformat my
hard disk. I do not want this to happen again, so I am imploring you to
help me. I really do want to get started learning the system.

Here's what happened both times. The installation of 5.1 in a dual boot
with my XP Home went without a hitch. Or so I thought. I was able to
work within both Ubuntu or Windows after choosing at boot-up.

I have my hard disk partitioned in C: NTFS for XP, and two other data
partitions. (By the way, I never did succeed in mounting the data
partitions for access from Ubuntu!) When I viewed the partitions later
using Partition Magic 8 in Windows, instead of the partitions I expected
to see plus the Linux ones, all I saw was a long "mask" covering the
entire HD and labeled BAD.

Since both OS's worked, in spite of the "BAD" label, I was able to save
everything before the reformatting, but I would prefer a clean
partitioning, as I have been able to achieve with Fedora and Suse. With
the mask in place, I cannot resize the partitions or otherwise work with
the disk. I suspect this has something to do with not being able to see
the data partitions and mount them in Ubuntu.

Can anyone suggest why this happened? Might I have been doing something
wrong during the installations? Or, is this normal with Ubuntu?

Thanks in advance, Avraham Hanadari

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