Dapper -- Any way to configure WEP encryption using a passphrase rather than key?

Adam Conrad adconrad at 0c3.net
Fri Mar 17 06:56:30 UTC 2006

Miles Lane wrote:
> As I mentioned in my initial post, I can enter the WEP passphrase
> into NetworkManager on Fedora Core 5 Test 3 and get a working
> connection.  This indicates to me that at least NetworkManager
> knows how to correctly generate the hexadecimal key from the
> passphrase.  What I wonder is why this hasn't been implemented
> for other WEP connection managers.  I certainly think that NM is the
> way to go, but since NM isn't making it into Dapper Drake's release,
> it sure would be nice not to have to look up my hex key.

In /etc/network/interfaces, you can specify a "string" instead of a key,
with an s: prefix (the installer tells you that if it found wifi during
installation and you chose to set it up, the manpage should also do so)

Example (where "ascii" is your passphrase):

iface eth1 inet dhcp
       wireless_mode managed
       wireless-essid MYNETWORK
       wireless-key s:ascii

... Adam

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