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On Friday den 17. March 2006 01:13, Matt Price wrote:
> On Thu, Mar 16, 2006 at 03:49:06PM -0500, Jaime Davila wrote:
> > So, in my search to finish configuring an x40, I read somewhere that
> > there is an IBM specific acpi package. It looks like my laptop might not
> > have it installed, since I have no ibm subdirectory under /etc/acpi. Is
> > that apt-getable under ubuntu?
> haven't dealt with this myself, but I believe the ibm-acpi is a kernel
> module, which is in fact integrated into the ubuntu kernel.  However I
> think the version available in 2.6.12 (used by breezy) is a bit
> outdated, whle the one in 2.6.15 (Dapper) is quite new.
> doubtless someone on the list knows more than I do, though.

On Breezy:


In /etc/modprobe.d/ibm_acpi.modprobe:

options ibm_acpi hotkey=enable,0xffff experimental=1

The option: "experimental=1" is to enable cpu frequences in the /proc 
filesystem, AFAIR.

In /etc/modules you should also add the thinkpad module.
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