Some usability ideas for Ubuntu

Karl Goetz kamping_kaiser at
Fri Mar 17 04:44:02 UTC 2006

>>  >     Low disk space notification should appear only for critical
>>  > volumes (root and home partitions I think) and not for every disk
>>  > volume.
>> Why?
> I have an old 64MB USB key.  It fills rather rapidly.  I *know* that
> it's full.  I don't need to be reminded constantly when using it.

i had (untill 2 days ago) 5 of these "your discs are running low"
messages every time i logged in. (not the small ones in daper now, the
big ones). Not even critical partitions, just storage partitions/usb stick.

then i had a thing pop down from the top saying "you need to reboot",
and one side of my screen was popups telling me things i didnt need to
know/already knew.

we realy dont need more popups, thanks all the same :)

> It's the old story: if you get an error message for every tiny thing
> that could possibly be slightly wrong, you get trained to ignore all
> error messages.  Fundamentals of user interface design.

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