[SOLVED] Re: key-test

C Hamel yogich at sc2000.net
Fri Mar 17 03:36:02 UTC 2006

On Thursday 16 March 2006 19:48, William Grant wrote:
> C Hamel wrote:
> > In past msgs my signing keys (two of them) come back bad on this list &
> > good when I send to myself.  These keys have been around the block,
> > imported to a couple previous Dapper builds, and worked okay. This is
> > only a key-test. Sorry for any inconvenience... I have re-imported & will
> > file a bug if they come back as bad.
> The problem is with the comment that is added by the 'Barracuda Networks
> Spam Firewall' to the end of your messages. The firewall is adding data
> to the body of the message, so it invalidates the signature.
> William.

By gum, that's it!  I just jumped over to Breezy & took a look.  All msgs are 
red that have the tag line by Barracuda.  Thanks! :-)  Puzzle over.

This message was scanned for Spam and Viruses by Barracuda Networks Spam Firewall

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