Anyone else noticing printing regressions?

Daniel Robitaille robitaille at
Thu Mar 16 22:53:47 UTC 2006

On 3/16/06, John Richard Moser <nigelenki at> wrote:
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> So I noticed this in breezy, and decided not to bother and figured it'd
> fix itself; but I never print anything anyway.  Well, close to Dapper
> release and I'm noticing my printer doesn't work (still!).  So I filed a
> bug just now:
> Are any developers or users noticing that there are printer regressions
> as well?  If so please add other printer models that just plain don't
> work anymore BUT DID IN A PREVIOUS RELEASE OF UBUNTU.  Please also try
> to specify what release they broke in.

My printer also doesn't work in Dapper, but worked in
Warty/Hoary/Breezy (Lexmark z53):

So it seems a few printers have seen regression with Dapper.

Daniel Robitaille

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