is there a Python compiler?

Jochen Skulj jochen at
Thu Mar 16 20:32:02 UTC 2006


Norton Roman wrote:
> Actually, it interpretes the code (.py files). However, it also
> generates a bytecode (.pyc files) to run on its virtual machine, in the
> case you don't change the original source file. This way, it runs faster
> code that you did not change.

Thanks for this information. I have a couple of Python scripts which I
use from more or less often. They are all located in the same directory
but I noticed there are only .pyc files for some of the scripts (for
those I wrote and used long time ago under Debian). There are no .pyc
files for my newer script. So I thought there may be a special program
or parameter to create those pyc files. But until now I haven't found
anything like that. Can you tell me why there are pyc files for some
scripts and why other scripts haven't pyc files?

It's not a big issue at all; I'm just curious how it works.

Cheers, Jochen
Jochen Skulj
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