Dapper: vim instead of nano as editor alternative?

Alan McKinnon alan at linuxholdings.co.za
Thu Mar 16 11:36:10 UTC 2006

On Thursday 16 March 2006 10:44, Alexandre Franke wrote:
> There's a point I don't get. Why do you consider vim being a
> default? If the user is not "skilled" enough, he will use gedit,
> won't he? If he is "skilled" enough and is going to use console,
> then he can use vim...

Except that dropping to a console is still required fairly often, even 
for newbies (and unlikely to change soon). Newbies have a helluva 
time coping with vim, and at that stage the focus is on helping them 
get the file edited, not figuring out how vim works. Us old timers 
get to pay the price of changing one setting and in return the OS 
becomes much more usable to lots of new users. 

The best illustration is this .sig from my good mate Adrian:

Disclaimer - These opiini^H^H damn! ^H^H ^Q ^[ .. :w :q :wq :wq! ^d
X^? exit X Q ^C ^c ^? :quitbye CtrlAltDel ~~q :~q logout
save/quit :!QUIT ^[zz ^[ZZZZZZ ^H man vi ^@ ^L ^[c ^# ^E ^X ^I ^T ?
help helpquit ^D ^d man help ^C exit ?Quit ?q CtrlShftDel "Hey, what 
does this button d..."

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