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Thu Mar 16 10:15:42 UTC 2006

On 3/15/06, david burkhard <dave8742 at> wrote:
> Hello all,
> I have come across a problem with installing Ubuntu on
> a new laptop.  The laptop is an Acer Aspire 5021 WLMi.
> I feel that I missed somthing important somewhere,
> but just don't know what it is.  The issue that I am
> having is that the laptop just powers off during the
> Ubuntu installation process.  I got an issue with
> having to specify "vga=771" at the start of the
> install.  But trying to install 5.10 (both 64-bit and
> then 32-bit) the laptop powers off at random times but
> never gets much past the start of loading packages.
> Being worried about possible hardware problems with
> the machine, I then got out older versions of Linux
> and found that Ubuntu 4.10 (32-bit) has the same
> problem although it gets past the reboot during the
> install, asks for a user name and then asks for
> allowable video modes and at a point shortly after
> that it powers off.  The install has not progressed
> far enough to allow booting the machine up in Ubuntu.
> This 4.10 version powered off at the same point
> several times in a row.  Then I tried RedHat 7.1 (very
> old) and it installed.  Finally I worked my way up to
> Fedora 4 (32-bit) and it installed without any issues.
> So with a little trial and error, it appears that
> Ubuntu doesn't like this laptop where other
> (RedHat/Fedora) linux distributions do.  Does anyone
> out there have any idea what I might try to get Ubuntu
> installed on this machine ?  (I would really prefer to
> go to Ubuntu, if possible.)
> Thanks...
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Hi David,

A couple of thoughts (after reading Clives response).  Look at the
successful FC4 xorg.conf file and use it to make a similar video
configuration (see if you can select the horizontal and vertical retrace and
other parameters during the install process to be the same as those chosen
by FC4).  Breezy was a bit unstable on our Inspiron 8100 until I did just

In your CMOS setup, see if you can lock the laptop into a slower clock rate
(CPU clock rate).  It might some sort of clock rate control problem.

Try live Knoppix and check out the setup (video, power management, etc.)
see where the two differ.

Good Hunting!

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