ndiswrapper -i <driver> error

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On 3/15/06, C Hamel <yogich at sc2000.net> wrote:
> Wireless-tools is installed, ndiswrapper will load as a module but it will
> not
> install the necessary driver, seemingly.  I used 'ndiswrapper -i <driver>'
> which I believe is the correct syntax.  ...Or is it??
> Help!! :-)
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Hi CH,

Some tutorials and info can be found here:





For some reason most leave out the part where the wrapped driver is
associated with the hardware (a pci thing usually).  This is done by, if
memory serves, doing an:

lspci -v

Note your wireless hardware in the output then do an:

lspci -n

Find the entry by comparing the two outputs and note the number of the form
XXXX:XXXX (see ndiswrapper -h for a bit of reminder).  Then do an:

ndiswrapper -d XXXX:XXXX driver

Where the XXXX:XXXX are the numbers located above (your devid) and driver
was described by a previous:

ndiswrapper -l

Which found your successfully wrapped driver (be careful of spelling and
case so do the ndiswrapper -l).

I hope this helps!

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